Relationships matter

Compile’s healthgraph maps the interconnected network of people and businesses to provide detailed, linked data for your applications

The universe

Public data, private data and bring your own data

Compile standardizes and links publicly available and privately owned datasets. These unique combinations uncover insights that were previously not visible

Entity websites
Deep-web crawls
Job postings
Professional profiles
Geographic datasets
Stock exchange data
News outlets
Open payments data
Cellular data
Many more

Beyond traditional databases

The future of analytics is entity-aware applications. Building these applications requires detailed understanding of people, organization, places and the relationships between them. Compile’s data is based on a graph structure to retain these linkages.

Multiple integrations

Data, the way you want it

Data is useful only if it is approachable and malleable. Compile offers a variety of deployment options, from a simple data explorer to more advanced graph databases and everything in between (CRM, flat files). Work with data in a form that meets your needs.

Customized insights

Personalized data platform

Data creation is more complex than simple aggregations and linking. Compile works with businesses to build customized data-views that merge data elements specific to your needs. Uncover new insights through the combination of data and graphs.