Proven, scalable platform to eliminate data silos

Through context driven record-linking and purpose built machine-learning algorithms, Compile’s data platform distills large data structures into actionable insights


Using custom crawlers that extract data from websites, public datasets and private data, Compile ingests base datasets for the system to start record linking. The ingestion is a continuous process that keeps the data current.


With industry leading ML/NLP technologies, we normalize data across sources. The helps the data speak one language across our platform and maintains a uniform view for the user.


Disparate records across various datasets are linked using proprietary techniques. The data is also structured for the specific application.


At this stage, data attributes are scored for their accuracy and strength of relationships. A quantitative measure of data helps in building learning data for other systems inside the platform and removes anomalies

Human in the loop

No system is perfect. Our team of analysts review data that is flagged for anomalies. Their corrections are then fed back into system to refine the machine learning models and algorithms.

Knowledge graph

Compile’s data structure is hybrid datastore which helps us leverage the power of graph and relational databases at the sametime, and this helps us build complex data-views from the data at a very simple view


Compile’s data can be explored in different form factors, based on the application and user preference

Relational database

Standard SQL databases to link with your existing data structures

Graph database

Advanced graph datasets for more complex queries and deeper analytics

User interfaces

Simple, intuitive dashboards to explore data, without technical overhead


Build your own applications on top of Compile data through flexible APIs

CRM integrations

Integrate with industry standard CRMs including Salesforce, Marketo, Veeva

Custom extracts

Engage with our customer success team to get data in a format that works for you