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We are obsessed with solving our customers’ data problems. Over the years we’ve invested in building a platform that’s flexible and scalable. As fun as the technology and algorithms are, it’s the desire to add value to our customers that really drives us. Our culture is simple and our hierarchy is flat. We have a few core beliefs that we’ve tried to stay true to

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Singularly focused

We are the owners of Compile. We have no other parties to answer to, nor to drive us in different directions. We are answerable only to our customers and each one of us is focused on doing whatever it takes to make you successful.

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The idea is the easy part. We’ve learned this the hard way and have scars of failed products to prove this. If you are ever forced to choose between a mediocre idea executed flawlessly or a great idea executed marginally, always bet on execution.

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Pay it forward

We’ve been helped along the way by customers who took a leap of faith with an untested name, or advisors who were patient with their time. By giving back to the developer community or helping young companies, we’d like to play our part in helping grow the next set of start-ups.

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